[ \’lis-nə-bəl\ ]


(adj.) Pleasant to listen to.

Amplify your content, extend your brand experience and grow your digital business with Listenable narrations.

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Narrate your awesome content and delight your customers.

With Listenable audio your web site readers can tap a button and hear a narration of the content on the page. Your website’s usability will shoot through the roof when your readers discover this freedom.

And, it’s easy. We’ve done the work for you!

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Digital Innovation

Doesn't have to be hard.

The Listenable application plugs right in to your web page and works great on mobile, too.

Listenable is a turn-key web application that includes: select voice talent, on-page audio player and your own branded audio Library. We also handle the back-end stuff like hosting, streaming and application updates.

Voice Talent
On-Page Audio Player
Hosting and Streaming
Your Branded Audio Library
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Your brand,
your customer,
your voice.

Why send them anywhere else?

Let’s talk about your digital audio strategy. With Listenable, you’ve got one that works for you because it’s on your own platform. You don’t have to send your customers to a third party for audio, you can give it to them on your own web site where they can easily find it.

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Feeling the Pressure to Grow Revenue?

If you’re in digital publishing today you probably are. Turn on your new Listenable digital audio product and monetize it in your own way. You keep the flexibility, customer data and control. Interesting, right?

Let’s talk about your digital business and how Listenable can help you grow it.